Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kick Off

So what do you do for the inaugural post for a financial blog when the likelyhood of someone reading it in the next few weeks is almost zero? Tell people about myself, about how I trade etc.? Eewww, how boring!

Maybe about the markets I trade? A lecture on the value of stop losses, money management, technical analysis? As if you all haven't been beaten over the head ad infinitum with all that already!

How about a psychological analysis of why traders feel compelled to tell the world about their trades? Well I don't have a clue why I'm doing this.

How about a Chicago wheat chart? Yeah that will do, because it shows what every trader is trying to catch when pouring overtheir charts... and this was a particularly nice one. The question at the moment is this: Is it all over! Should we take our chips and go and have a festive evening with friends and a bottle of Dom? Or should we keep the chips on the table and let it ride?

The traders dilema epitomized!

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