Thursday, November 02, 2006

WTF am I doing here?

I never thought people were interested in the anonymous writers of trading blogs until a "comrade in arms" showed me the stats on his "about me" page. I must admit to being a bit reticent about waxing lyrical about myself.

The reason for this is that, as I've gotten older, I've become progressively more anti-ego, anti-snob, anti-bourgeois and more interested in the whimsical and esoteric (as the title of this blog alludes to). Yep, I've turned into a bohemian. A hippie trader. LOL

Yet, the creation of a blog and thrusting at it the world seems so much like an act of the ego. Hmmmm.....

I basically trade the liquid futures markets for a living... Various Commodities, Stock Indicies and Treasuries. If I can do it with an option strategy to limit risk, all the better, but I'm not averse to plonking straight out with futures.

I think a diary in the form of a blog helps to organize a rational trading process; if I have a thought, it has to make sense to the 3 people who read this over the next few years. It is also really cool to be part of a community of traders via the "blogosphere", for want of a better word (Gawd howe I hate that word lol).

So starts the experiment.


Anonymous said...

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