Thursday, November 09, 2006

It Can't Be True; Can It?

Looking at the S&P500 this afternoon, I could swear that I'm seeing some resistance at 1394-95 (on the futures). That not possible, is it. That couldn't be a double top in the process of revealing itself, could it.

I mean, this Stock market has slain the bears, humiliated all but the most stubborn of them into a morose subserviance. This market is going up forever, without ever having to worry about retracements ever again, with VIX gang-nailed to the floor

Well that's how it was looking up till the election... oh crap! That's my cynicism coming out again.

I'll have a look at indicies over the coming days for some signs of normality, maybe even dust off my bear suit. lol


gerimegaly said...

Hey there,

was pleasantly surprised to see my blog on your links...BTW, how did you get to know about my blog? just curious...
In any case, thx for the link. Will also be putting you blog on my links too. Cheers!


Avalonian said...

To tell the truth I can't remember, which is not out of the ordinary. lol

I think I did a blog search on Google for "futures".... yeah pretty sure that's how I found you.


gerimegaly said...

no worries...anyway thx. Have already placed your blog in my links.
Good trading day to you!