Friday, November 24, 2006

Dollar Dazzler

Not too long ago, I saw a video of a presentation by Larry Kudlow that was floating around the web. Basically he was a lone Dollar bull in a hostile room full of bears. He put on a great show, and was even quite convincing. But nobody believed him anyway. lol

I'm not formally educated in economics so I rely on articles and opinions that are sufficiently dumbed down enough for me to understand. So what I'm saying here is I'm no expert, not even well versed in the principles of economic managent.

But I must say I am most impressed by the case presented by the bears... both on the dollar and on the economy (that includes us in the rest of the English speaking world as well).

So I guess I'm saying that I'm not shocked that the DX is testing some important support levels on the chart. My only lament is not taking the trade.

Where my bemusement lies is in the the stock indice's, where apparently any news is good news, so long as rates stay paused... a slowing economy is apparently bullish... but I won't put the kibosh on that one.

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